Friday, March 19, 2010

Non-malays don't join army because they are undisciplined cowards.

Why non-Malays don't join the army:

- they don't like discipline
- they don't like the potential need to sacrifice their lives.


And here I was... thinking it was due to rampant discrimination. Apparently, it's because they're undisciplined cowards.

Here's a thought... let the non-Malays hold the guns for a change. I reckon they'll show you just who the cowards are.

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Ricky said...

I honestly thought that the Malaysian Army were a bunch of undiciplined cowards pretending to be otherwise. Hmm.. maybe I was wrong.
As for the discrimination bit, Sean, dont you think its better for the army to comprise of all malays who can ultimately ensure that the malays special rights/priviledges and the sanctity of islam (which arose immediately after the geological shifts formed the land of malays thousands of years ago) are protected and enforced (e.g. beating the shit out of us if questioned)?