Sunday, January 31, 2010

JAIS on Valentine's Day. More sexual abuse & necromancy?

Based on the other stuff JAIS is known for, no good can come from their "prowling" on Valentine's Day.

- sexual abuse (videotaping naked girls during raids)
- necromancy (snatching dead bodies away from grieving families)

A word of advice if any non-Muslims are harassed by them.

2. So, if they accost you in any way, you can treat them as robbers or attackers. You can punch them, kick them, stab them, or if you have a gun, shoot them in self defence. A hotel fork in the eye of one of those turbaned idiots would garner you a personal note of appreciation from me.

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radzi said...

hi me again~in islam~we put everything in the right place~same as woman~so we practice safe social~with some limitation~ because we believe without limitation~everything can be disaster~another thing we really believe that the true FREEDOM is in your heart~it is useless if the freedom that we feel today will bring a thousand of problem later~so the problem with the JAIS is the system that operate above the organization~in islam~to caught the couple or wrong doer in this scope~they need 4 witness~we don't need a videocam to record~AFTER THAT WHO WANT TO LIE WITH GOD?IF THEY ARE TRULY MUSLIM~haish i feel very sad suddenly~something wrong there~