Thursday, January 14, 2010

Proton. No wonder you're doomed.

Just saw these pictures today. Proton was having its family day and one part of the festivities was the "Invention and Innovation competition, an in-house inter-department contest where staff came up with “concept cars” using units that were destined for scrapping."

From the comments on the blog where I found these, apparently teams of employees in Proton were given off-grade cars, access to Proton's parts bin, paint house, bodyshop etc and RM2,000 to buy stuff they couldn't pinch out of the workshops and warehouses.

After the first 4 or 5 pictures, all I could think was... WTF?!!!

2 points...

1. If this is the kind of inventiveness and innovation that Proton employees can muster when they are given free cars, a modest amount of money and a free hand of Proton's facilities... all I can say is no wonder Proton produces such lousy cars since parting with Mitsubishi and supposedly producing it's own cars from start to finish.

2. While I fully understand it's family day, and the employees are just having fun... let's not forget that these people are car builders by profession and had access to a supposedly world class car building facility. Was there no pride involved? Wasn't there even one creative concept you had in mind where this was just the opportunity to showcase it? Or was it all about just having a few laughs and guffaws? If I were Proton, I would have clamped down on these pictures and executed whoever leaked them out. This is really doing nothing for their brand building efforts. Can you imagine BMW or Audi doing this?

The Good... (not that good lah, but the front rips off the Nissan Silvia S13 quite well)
The rear is ala Ferrari F430 with a bad bumper job.
The Bad... beachcomber
The Ugly... Humvee
The Maybe... the Toyota Alpina
Maybe not!
Then it starts getting dumb...
The BIZARRE!.. Donald Duck?
A shoe? Throwing a shoe at George W Bush was supposed to be the worst kind of insult. I wonder what this means.
Proton Kayu?! OMG...
Proton Penyu?!
Why would anyone want to drive a car that looks like a durian stall?
Double serving of crap.


Anonymous said...

looks like a pArAde of d clowns!!!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha .. had a good laugh. Surely made my day.

RainMan said...

This illustrates the "Jaguh Kampung" mentality to a T.
Their idea of innovation is to find something they admire from somewhere else and re-create it's image (but not its content or quality) within their own environment.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

hahah no wonder proton is sinking down but ive seen fairly enuff priced(in their way f way) ahbeng car with loud speakers and flashy...erkk flashing their own natural (i guess)egos to others.i guess this (your own judgement or slur towards car)actually sums up your own backyard(4th generation)ideology.ooopso wonder china made car is even BETTER.even after communism.but still in malaysia some kiasus(not all excuse my eloquence)still wanna be a one.if you do not have a point or speak your littleboggled mind pls do so since i still cant c any changes made by kiasu.maybe after life is there any??

sean-the-man said...

Anonymous 9/23/2010 6:13 AM

Maybe you should just stop trying to speak English (it's horrendous) and just go back to your job at the Proton factory and work on your next Family Day project.

A car shaped like a turd.