Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Clampdown that Wasn't.

This appeared in the Singapore's Today newspaper. Fairly balanced writeup about the internet state of affairs in Malaysia.

On a side note, the renewed government effort to police the internet has already produced results. Not from the government but from the editor of a local English publication who made a police report against local blogger, Jeff Ooi, for comment that appeared in the comments section in his blog.

To me, it's ironic that an editor of an English language publication has such a poor command of the language. How he could have possibly interpreted a common phrase (usually used to express one's exasperation against the actions of prolific idiots) - as a serious threat against his life - is completely beyond me. Unless of course that misinterpretation is intentional... to cause certain mischief.

But that's only my individual and personal perception of the events. And in no way, is it a statement of fact. Of course lah, I don't want a Jeff Ooi done on me, right?

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