Sunday, August 20, 2006

Let’s all pray together, says Aziz.

Let’s all pray together, says Aziz

JOHOR BARU: Muslims and non-Muslims should pray together at the beginning of public functions.

“The person leading the Muslim prayers should ask the non-Muslims to pray according to their respective religions,” said Rural Development Minister Datuk Seri Abdul Aziz Shamsuddin.

“Christians, Buddhists and Hindus have their own prayers. When we (Muslims) are praying, they can pray, too. Let us all pray together for the good of the country. All prayers are good. We do not want anybody to feel left out during prayers,” he said.
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Now that's an idea. I always wondered what to do with my hands, should I close my eyes, or look at the ground, or look at the sky? - when doa(s) were being recited during "official" gatherings etc.

But won't allowing "kafir" religions into official functions "undermine" the status of Islam as the country's official religion?

And won't simply acknowledging the existence of "other" religions somehow, however inperceptibly, damage someone's akidah, as Islamist are wont to claim?


Rose_Red said...

Cool thoughts u have here.. keep em coming!

your fren from cavenagh formerly :p said...

I can "anti" the praying before food in a christian dining... definitely i wont do this for them...