Sunday, October 08, 2006

Dang! That twit Alonso is going to win this one.. :(

I almost cried when Michael Schumacher's Ferrari began smoking 17 laps from the finish.

I threw my can of Pepsi at the TV when Alonso waltzed past Schumi's stricken car, to take P1 (first place).

I prayed that Alonso's Renault would get a puncture or kiss a tyre wall. If there was a god, he would have. I am now an avowed atheist.

My gut wrenched as Fernando Alonso took the checkered flag to win in Suzuka. Did you ever notice blue and yellow are hideous colours?

Dang... that twit Alonso is going to win this one (2006 F1 Drivers World Championship)!

2006Japanese GP (provisional) result, Suzuka, 53 laps
1. ALONSO Renault +1h23m53.413s
2. MASSA Ferrari +16.151s
3. FISICHELLA Renault +23.953s
4. BUTTON Honda +34.101s
5. RAIKKONEN McLaren +43.596s
6. TRULLI Toyota +46.717s
7. R SCHUMACHER Toyota +48.869s
8. HEIDFELD BMW +1m16.095s
9. KUBICA BMW +1m16.932s
10. ROSBERG Williams +1 lap
11. DE LA ROSA Mclaren +1 lap1
2. BARRICHELLO Honda +1 lap
13. DOORNBOS Red Bull +1 lap
14. LIUZZI Toro Rosso +1 lap
15. SATO Super Aguri +1 lap
16. MONTEIRO Spyker +2 laps
17. YAMAMOTO Super Aguri +3 laps
18. SPEED Toro Rosso +5 laps
R. WEBBER Williams +13 laps
R. M SCHUMACHER Ferrari +16 laps
R. COULTHARD Red Bull +17 laps
R. ALBERS Spyker +31 laps


Loretta said...

OMG!!! Who are you!!!! I absolutely felt the same way about Suzuka, sans the pepsi can.. LOL.

A friend recommended me this blog and didnt tell me why, guess he must have heard you were F1 fan.

seantang said...

OMG... is it you? It's me lah. ;p

Haha... Schumi rules! Hope you enjoy the blog.