Monday, October 02, 2006

The haze is back, and it's bad.

You can see it in the photos. They look dull and gloomy, but it's not the camera or my photography skills.

It does look exactly like that standing there... right in the middle of Orchard Rd at 12.46pm. Yup middle of a sunny afternoon... if the sun could penetrate the haze lah.

First pic is Heeren (HMV) and the second is Cathay Cineleisure.

And you can definitely smell it too. A dusky, smoky aroma of wood grilled chicken... err, no, that's Kenny Rogers Roasters... but close enough.

The API's 66 today. It's bad if it's over 51 and dangerous if it tops 100.


keat hwee said...

hey dude you got a cool site there. i'm a half singaporean half malaysian in sg. i guess i need help with some IT related stuffs over at malaysia kinda particularly wireless over there. can you please email me at and maybe giving me your email. yea. please do help. hope to hear from you soon.

seantang said...

I say, how come you think I know anything about IT or wireless lah?

Post your question in a comment in any of the thread (eg this one), and I'll get it in my inbox.

I'll get back to you at your email if I can help you.