Monday, October 30, 2006

Schumi - Farewell Tribute and Beyond

A final followup to the blog about Michael Schumacher. The Greatest of Them All. I just couldn't walk away and let 16 years of Schumi ride into the sunset just like that. I started watching F1 on Schumi's debut year and he's been at the center of my F1 journey ever since. And it's hard letting go of something so familiar. I feel as bad as I did when I sold my Putra turbo and watched the new owner drive her away from me.

So, I looked for some sort of fan tribute that would encapsulate his impact on F1, on motorsports, on his fans and on me. I found this beautifully crafted montage by solal7 on youtube. Even the background song choice is great... none of the "My Way" or "We are the Champions" rubbish. Simply magnificent.

Tribute to Michael Schumacher

To cap off this blog posting, here's some inside news on Schumi's next career. He's going to work as a petrol station attendant. Serious! Apparently, he's a huge fan of Initial D and wants to walk the road of Takumi Fujiwara. He wants to buy a Toyota Trueno AE86, drive boxes of tofu around and perfect his drifting on mountain roads the world over.

Don't believe me? Here's proof:

Okay, maybe not ;p Here's the real deal. Latest news is that Schumi's going to be Jean Todt's assistant. Who is Jean Todt, you ask? He is better known Datin Yeoh, husband and consort of our very own Datuk Michele Yeoh. And on the days that he can extricate himself from Datuk's bed and pull on his pants, he's goes to work at Scuderia Ferrari as its CEO.

'Super assistant' role for Schu

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