Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sultan of Johor's SJER Speech. The media quotes Tuanku.

Here are quotes taken from Malaysia-Today, NST Online, Star Online and Bernama. At the time of writing (updating) this, I couldn't find anything quoting Tuanku's speech in Sun2Surf and Berita Harian Online.

It's amazing to me how different some of the quotes are, and how much the emphasis differs between them. If I didn't know better, I might think each reporter was listening to a different speech.

And as if to confirm NST's current status as bootlicker #1, top arse kisser and spin doctor extraordinaire, note how they ahem... subtly include (add?) "quotes" about the virtues of the govt. Funny.... nobody else did.


"The colonialists built it to develop Keppel Harbour in Singapore," Sultan Iskandar, 74, said in remarks broadcast live on television.

"Many people think foreigners are great but I think they are dirty," he added.

"If the causeway is removed, then the economy will develop," he told a crowd of some 2,000 onlookers, who cheeered and clapped at his suggestion.

"Let ships go through," said Sultan Iskandar, who was flanked by Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi at the launch.

News Straits Times
"What we want is for the Causeway to be torn down. The water is so filthy. Tear it down and Johor will prosper. Ships can then pass through."

"Let’s not be proud of the Mat Sallehs. They will only play you out."

"We have to work together, the state and the federal governments, to make this a success. Insyallah, bermuafakat itu berkat. (God willing, there will be benefits if we co-operate)."

"I want to thank the federal government, especially sahabat lama saya (my good old friend) Pak Lah (Abdullah). I have known him for decades."

The Star
“The Causeway has to be removed to allow ships to pass,” the Sultan said before
launching the multi-billion SJER.

In his address the Ruler, who was clad in a T-shirt, said he would not “give face” (bagi muka) to the foreigners (Mat Sallehs) and urged the people not to hold them in high regard.

He also reminded locals and their children to be wary of them as they were “vultures”.


"Causeway tu, bukakan...baru negeri Johor ni maju (the causeway has to be demolished, only then Johor will develop)," the Sultan said before launching the project which was televised live.

He said the causeway, built by the British colonialists, was blocking ships from passing through the Tebrau Straits. This had subjected Johor to constant condemnation, he said.

He also reminded Johoreans to learn a lesson from the experiences of the forefathers who were easily deceived by the British. "We better not be naive to be not cheated again," he said.

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