Saturday, November 18, 2006

Why UMNO delegates' speeches are NOT seditious.

You must have heard this piece of garbage earlier from Hasnoor Hussein, a UMNO General Assembly delegate from Malacca. He made the now infamous statement against critics of the special privileges of Malays and Islam as the country's official religion:

'Umno is willing to risk lives and bathe in blood to defend the race and religion. Don't play with fire. If they messed with our rights, we will mess with theirs"

(What do you mean "will", stupid??? UMNO already has. How would you characterise hijacking the NEP for 40 years and encouraging the Religious Dept to overstep their bounds in order to out-Islam PAS?)

There's also the perennial threat of Malays being capable of running amok (amuk). Mohamad Rahmat:
“Don’t test the Malays, they know ‘amok’".
And the channelling of ancient warrior spirits via poli-klinik blood transfusions. UMNO Youth Exco member Azimi Daim:
“...when tension rises, the blood of Malay warriors will run in our veins”.
Then you have this piece of trash uttered by Hashim Suboh, the delegate from Perlis. Referring to UMNO Youth Chief Hishammuddin Hussein's equally despicable act of brandishing a keris during last year's General Assembly (ostensibly for soaking in blood other than his own?), he said:

"Datuk Hisham has unsheathed his keris, waved his keris, kissed his keris. We want to ask Datuk Hisham, when is he going to use it?"

(If there is a god in heaven, he will answer the people's prayers to make sure Hishammuddin trips the next time he unsheathes a keris and sticks it up your hairy arse.)

DAP national chairman Karpal Singh called on the PM to look into the matter because Hashim's statement has "created concern and disquiet among non-Malays in the country." Karpal said Hashim's statements amounted to sedition and the Police & Attorney General should investigate.

But as much as I hate to say it, Karpal's wrong. Whatever the UMNO delegates said is bigoted, racist, incites racial and religious hatred, utterly intolerable and downright stupid... but it is not seditious.

Why not?

The Oxford Dictionary defines sedition as • conduct or speech inciting rebellion against the government of a state or monarch.
Now... who are the UMNO delegates? They are the 2500 people who elect the UMNO Supreme Council, who (by virtue of Barisan National's convention), then fill the posts of Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Ministers of virtually all the important portfolios in the Cabinet. And these very 2500 people also personally fill all manner of top civil service, GLC, state and local government posts.

By design, these 2500 delegates are the ones who select / control / manipulate the government. By extension, they ARE the government, for all intents and purposes. And a government cannot incite rebellion against themselves. It is, by definition, a logical impossibility.

Therefore, do you realise that all those terrible things that that were said at the UMNO General Assembly - was actually the government speaking to itself? Telling itself what needs to be done to sustain itself?

The tone for the future direction of Malaysia is for all to see. UMNO wants 60% instead of 30%, to entrench the NEP solidly against any further questioning that ASLI or anybody else can throw at it. They want to 'break' the 'dominance' of non-Malays in those industries which are yet untainted by UMNO's NEP ie. expand its tentacles into the "mum & dad, family-owned or unlisted" sectors of the economy. They want the posts of Penang Chief Minister and Minister of Energy, Telecommunications and Post, currently held by Gerakan. Penang under 'immigrant' rule has always been a sore point and of late, it's President has been more forthcoming compared to MCA's when speaking out against UMNO's racial excesses.

That, to me, is the writing on the wall. So, folks... what can be done about this?

Simple, elect a government that doesn't depend on inciting racial hatred every time they want to get the Malay populace stiffly behind them and when they want to get their stiffies into the non-Malays' behinds.

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