Friday, April 06, 2007

Clarkson destroys worst car in the world: Malaysians pissed off!

Judging from the comments on blogs and postings about this stunt by Top Gear host, Jeremy Clarkson (aired over 2 years ago) – some Malaysians actually did take offence. And they want the govt to “take action” against Clarkson and the BBC.

This reminds me of a certain Aussie journalist who wrote a little while back that Malaysians are blinded by a gross over-estimation of their place and importance in the world.

Folks, I hate to have to tell you this,… but:

1. There’s nothing we can do… why don’t you go to London and try to bathe your kerises in some British blood, and pick on someone more than your own size for a change.
2. Clarkson doesn’t fucking care… I mean, we watch his shows, he doesn’t watch ours.
3. His show is classified as humour/comedy. Plus he is a Brit and Brit-humour is dry and cynical. Do we expect all British comedians to be funny ala Mr Bean? Where the hell is your sense of humour?
4. If you ever seen a Kelisa (and Kancil) in an accident, I assure you that you’ll be left with no doubt that they are not much better than dustbin covers stapled together.

Anyway, here’s the scene you guys are so pissed about from youtube. Take a look at it… tell me it ain’t funny. Video below:

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100% Malaysian said...

Hahahaha! That's pretty funny in my opinion. Atleast he didn't call it a scrotum, remember that car?

Hey Sean, do you notice that whenever you blog about anything international, economical and anything not based on race or religion, none of these UMNO Youth or Jihadi zealouts ever bother to comment? It's because their brains don't have the to think properly!

Anyway, keep up the good work. Malaysia and the world needs it!

The only thing I can't stand about the blog is,....the ones who claim you are racist and religiously intolerant, bla bla bla.....

I beg to differ, you have actually exercised alot of sensitivity for others.
You don't tell them to go back to Mars or become a Jedi or face death.

And what I apreciate is that you answer them all logically. This is what I'd rather live with:

100% Malaysia all the way- without the hate, shit politicians, laziness and bad manners.