Tuesday, April 10, 2007

N'utilisez pas les condoms. Masturbate à la place.

I totally approve of masturbation. It's good, clean fun and cost effective. And if done regularly... it helps fights prostate cancer, besides underlining the value of self sufficiency. Helps to make your forearms bigger too.

In any case, some French girly-man (get a load of his name, Jean-Marie...) agrees.

France’s Le Pen defends masturbation comments

PARIS (April 9, 2007): French far-right presidential candidate Jean-Marie Le Pen yesterday defended his recommendation that young people should be encouraged to masturbate rather than be provided with condoms.

Le Pen first made the suggestion at a forum organised by the glossy magazine Elle on Thursday (April 5). Several presidential candidates were invited to speak at the day-long event to discuss “what women want”. His comments angered the audience of women and students at the elite Paris university where the event was held.

“When they asked me, whether I agreed with the distribution of condoms to young secondary school children, I said listen ... they could always use the ‘manu militari’ method,” he said on TV5 television. “It’s much less dangerous than using condoms.” – Reuters

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