Thursday, April 26, 2007

Will Thais adopt the Malaysian concept of 'National' religion?

Reading an article about Thai monks demonstrating in Bangkok to make Buddhism the national religion in Thailand's new constitution, this sentence caught my attention.

Some Thais are concerned any declaration would further alienate the country's Muslim minority in the South.
It'll be rather interesting if Buddhism is indeed legislated as the national religion. With Buddhists having an even bigger religious majority in Thailand compared to Muslims in Malaysia, we'll have to see if the Thais adopt the tactics of the Malaysian religious establishment like:

- demolishing and denying construction approvals for places of worship of the minority religions,
- stealing corpses of alleged converts to the national religion,
- abducting citizens allegedly of national religion & children of alleged national religion parents,
- insisting that citizens of minority religions be subjected to the laws and courts of the national religion, or
- making the national religion the basis of govt conduct and national culture.

If this comes to pass, we'll see how the religious terrorists in southern Thailand like them apples.


Anonymous said...


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p/s: So when u gonna take up a post as a politician in Ipoh ?? I'll vote for you...

seantang said...


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Anyway... we'll see. About the politics... hmmmmm... ;p