Saturday, March 24, 2007

BN MP Wong Nai Chee for press freedom

It was a breath of fresh air when BN MP, Wong Nai Chee (BN-Kota Melaka), spoke in support of press freedom reforms during a recent session of parliament. He cited the Printing and Presses Act, Sedition Act, Official Secrets Act and the Internal Security Act as having "overlapping provisions and restricting the media."

“These laws create a situation of media self-censorship. Too many of these laws also cause a situation where the newsroom can receive calls from people, including politicians, advising them to do something or face having their permits revoked.”
Maybe he was referring to the incidents below:
Don't Quote Us Bloggers
Our Media: Purveyor of Truth, Spineless Yes-man or Bubbly Cheerleader?

In any case, kudos to YB Wong. Hope this is not just NATO (No Action, Talk Only) on his part.

But what irked me particularly, was a comment made by ol' Close One Eye, Mohd Said Yusof (BN-Jasin). Yup, he's still there... in parliament. Apparent, he stood up during Wong's speech and said that "a major English newspaper was the only paper that did not report the opening of the Parliament meeting by the King on Monday but instead highlighted a lock-up report."
“I am perplexed because this paper did not respect the event in the august House that was officiated by the King.”
First things first, I reckon Close One eye did not make that statement in English. It must've been a translation of his comment in Bahasa Malaysia. Why? I simply don't believe he knows the meaning of the words 'perplexed' and 'august' (as it's been used in the context of this quote).

Secondly, he's perplexed why the newspaper didn't respect the event enough to report it. I'm perplexed why these superficial, exhibitionist gestures are so important to BN politicians. Especially when the ordinary citizens think that parliamentarians should be spending more time and energy actually serving the country, rather than incessantly putting form above function.

I'm even more perplexed why he's still a free man and still being allowed into Parliament. To answer his question... in my opinion, the Parliament ceased to be an 'august house' the day it opposed the motion to refer allegations of his misdeeds to the Parliamentary Rights and Privileges Committee.
august (oxford): /awgust/ • adjective inspiring respect and admiration

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