Friday, March 30, 2007

Nismo 350Z keychain / phone dangler

My cousin stopped over in Singapore on the way back from Tokyo. And knowing what a car nut I am (as is my cousin), he brought me what is in my mind, a damn near perfect holiday souvenir (for both the giver and recipient).

1. It is thoughtful as it's something the receiver wants to receive (car stuff);
2. It is convenient for the giver as it's where he wants to go in the first place (car places);
3. It is unique or particular to the country / place visited (Japan / Nismo);
4. It is affordable (JPY1,400 or USD12) and easy to carry (small & light).

It's an authentic Nismo 350Z keychain / phone dangler he bought from the Nismo shop at Nissan's main showroom in Tokyo.

Yup, those are LED headlamps. Besides the accurate colour scheme and sponsor stickers, there are even tiny brake calipers, a front splitter, rear diffuser etc. The tyres are actual rubber and detachable from the rims.

This is truly unbeatable attention to detail. If only Proton invested the same kind of business ethic, product quality and professional pride in their full size cars, as
Nissan/Nismo obviously do (in even their teeny-tiny ones)... Proton would be a much better car company.

Great stuff. Thanks cuz.

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