Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Klang Municipality officers "ARRESTING!" a parking offender

Since when have municipal officers been given powers of arrest?

As far as I know they have not... but obviously nobody told the Majlis Perbandaran Klang (MPK or Klang Municipal Council). This is a new one for the little Napoleons... the ABUSE of powers that they DON'T possess.

The video of the "arrest" (Khir Toyo's looking at it in the picture) below:

And here's Sun2Surf's coverage of the said incident:

'Many complaints against unit'
Terence Fernandez

SHAH ALAM (March 13, 2007): The nine-man unit of the Klang Municipal Council (MPK)'s enforcement division which is being investigated for abduction and assault has a sullied reputation.

According to sources familiar with the division's activities, this particular unit has been the subject of several complaints from the public on the manner in which it carries out its duties.

"Apparently they are high-handed and rough when enforcing the law," said one source.

Councillor Datuk Teh Kim Poo said he has also received complaints about the unit and the enforcement division in general.

"They are reportedly rude and high-handed, especially when enforcing parking regulations.

"They even summoned me although my car carries a councillor's emblem," said the Pandamaran assemblyman. (Free parking is among privileges enjoyed by councillors).

"They need to go for training."

Three enforcement officers have been "pooled" - given desk duties - since the March 7 incident where Pua Chia Teng was dragged out of his shop, bundled into a car and taken to the Klang Police Headquarters.

This followed an alleged altercation between Pua's brother Khiau Seong and an MPK parking attendant when the latter issued a parking fine to Khiau Seong.

Chia Teng was later released and filed a counter report.

Police, meanwhile, will be concluding its investigations next week.

Klang deputy OCPD Supt Mohan Singh told theSun that neither party has been called to give their statements.

"We still need some time to investigate but we hope to wrap things up by next Tuesday," he said.

Meanwhile, it is understood that the focus of MPK's internal inquiry is on the unit leader.

"They wouldn't have acted that way if not for the go-ahead from the unit head," said an MPK official.

Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr. Mohd Khir Toyo wants stern action to be taken against the officers.
Mohd Khir who was shown a video clip of the incident (taken with a camera phone by a member of the public) Tuesday made available to theSun, said he was "disturbed" by what he saw.

While leaving investigations and subsequent action to MPK and the police, the mentri besar said it was easy to identify the culprits and wants those found guilty to face the music.

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