Tuesday, May 08, 2007

George Dubya Bush is actually pretty darn funny

No doubt you would have heard by now that US President Bush did yet another 'dubya' when making a speech during the Queen of England's current visit to the US. I've attached the video below. His impromptu comeback in response to the laughter was classic.

Mr Bush messed up at a ceremonial welcome for the Queen at the White House yesterday when he spoke of a visit paid by the Queen to mark the 200th anniversary of the US Declaration of Independence from Britain "in 17 - in 1976".

After the Queen looked up at him from beneath her wide-brimmed black hat, he winked at her, before turning to the laughing audience and telling them: "She gave me a look that only a mother could give a child."
Bush Blooper With Queen - Bicentennial

What I realised was that George Dubya Bush actually makes a pretty good stand up comic. War monger or not, I reckon Saturday Night Live or Comedy Central could give him a gig if/when he gets kicked out of the Whitehouse. Take a look at this video I found, of Bush speaking at the Radio & TV Correspondents dinner. It's damn funny (although general knowledge of US current events is required to get some of the punchlines).

President Bush Address to Radio-TV Correspondents 3-28-2007

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