Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Malaysia to blacklist sexy female singers

According to AFP, Malaysia is threatening to blacklist and stop the performances of sexy female singers, no matter "how famous" they are.

If you ask me, this is tantamount to telling all contemporary female entertainers to skip Malaysia. I can't imagine Beyonce, Fergie, Sammy Cheng or Utada Hikaru giving a shit what the Taliban... oops, Malaysian govt want, much less send their outfits here to be vetted and approved before the concert.

Another good move, Malaysia. Show the world what a glokal country we are. Glokal: adj. meaning modern amenities, kampung mentality.

nb. the babe pic accompanying this post is totally gratuitous. Just a sample of what we'll be missing.

Malaysia orders cover-up for sexy singers

(AFP) - Malaysia is cracking down on foreign singers in skimpy outfits and will blacklist performers who don't follow orders to cover up, a report said Wednesday.

Officials in the mainly Muslim nation, which last year fined a promoter over a concert by the hit-making Pussycat Dolls, said they would take special aim at female singers -- and give no leeway to famous names.

"If they wear eye-popping outfits and if they behave improperly or indecently, or say things that touch on religious, social and cultural sensitivities, the officers have a right to stop the show," immigration official Mohamad Ramlan Che Hassan told the New Straits Times.

"The singers can continue to perform if the officers' advice is followed. If they don't, the singers and their managers will be blacklisted," he told the paper. He could not be reached directly for comment.

Conservative Muslims in Malaysia regularly express outrage over rock concerts which are deemed overly sexual and immoral.

Ramlan said he had warned an unnamed top Indonesian female singer she would be blacklisted if her performance was too sexy.

"She is known for her gyrating performances. When she performed in Malaysia in 2005, we received a lot of complaints that her sexy antics were bad for our youth," said Ramlan.


Anonymous said...

an insult to women's intellinence.You are thinking like a cave man where women and men had less to wear.Only this time in your concept of's only women who have to reveal more.

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