Saturday, March 08, 2008

Celebrate in Parliament & State Assembly, not in the streets, OK!

The tremendous Opposition results in Penang and Perak are not official yet. But if and when the unofficial becomes official, then it becomes imperative that the Opposition parties and supporters DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT have victory parades and undertake any activity whatsoever that might be construed (ie. SPINNED) as a provocation!

Remember! The better the Opposition does, the more UMNO will be looking to pick a fight! DO NOT give them an excuse to do you in.

Stay away from the Mat Rempits (Putera UMNO) and avoid any fanfare at all costs. You can celebrate in Parliament and in the State Assembly!

Opposition supporters told to keep calm - 9.20pm

DAP MP for Bukit Mertajam Chong Eng has advised all opposition supporters to remain calm and not provoke others. She also said they should refrain from having victory parades.

“The Barisan Rakyat must learn how to handle victory or loss with maturity,” said her statement which comes as early polls result indicate a major swing towards the opposition.

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