Saturday, March 29, 2008

'Three Kingdoms. Resurrection of the Dragon' - in cinemas April 3

2008 is a great year to be a Romance of Three Kingdoms fan. Two big screen movies are being released this year. The first is Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon.

* Andy Lau - Zhao Yun
* Maggie Q - Cao Ying
* Sammo Hung - Luo Ping-An
* Vanness Wu - Zhao Bao or Guan Xing
* Andy On - Deng Zhi
* Ti Lung - Guan Yu
* Damian Lau - Cao Cao

PLOT: Zhao Yun, the last of the 5 Tiger Generals of Liu Bei's Shu takes a last desperate stand against the invading forces from Wei, led by Cao Ying, the grand daughter of warlord Cao Cao.

Some background on the movie here, including interesting insights on the fictional Cao Ying (ie. not found in the novel) and just who the fark is Luo Ping-An. Another insightful article here.

The second ROTK movie will be 'Battle of Red Cliff' later this year.

Btw, if anyone wants to pick up a free pdf copy of the Romance of the Kingdoms novel, go here. DW has the original and a 're-translated & updated' illustrated version.

Movie trailers and promo posters below:

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