Wednesday, March 05, 2008

MCA, I not free fuck you

Here's a bedtime fairytale for you:

How the Chinese pay when DAP wins more than MCA - NST

KUALA LUMPUR: Chinese voters have a simple choice: a bigger say in parliament and government or a louder voice in parliament and outside the corridors of power.
This was the challenge posed by MCA strategist Datuk Wong Mook Leong at Wisma MCA here yesterday.

The party veteran, who has been working behind the scenes for more than 31 years, said the reality was that whenever the DAP did better than MCA, it was a major setback for the community.

"In 1986, DAP won 24 seats while MCA got 18. In 1990, DAP continued to lead MCA by two parliamentary seats.

"DAP claims that in those two terms, it was a major step for democracy. But the truth is, it was two terms of major setbacks for the Chinese community."

He said that in 1986, for every 10 Umno parliamentary representatives, MCA had two. As a result, Chinese access to education and economy suffered a major blow as there were not enough Chinese politicians to protect those interests.
Really? Was the lack of MCA politicians in power the real reason?

Tell me then. There's been a record number of MCA politicians elected in the 2004 election. How many of these MCA politicians have voted against UMNO proposed parliamentary bills and constitutional changes that have victimised the Chinese and eroded their rights or interests? Zero!
"Back then, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was education minister and because there was insufficient Chinese resistance in the government, we all know what a mess he made out of Chinese education."
Is Chinese education much better now? How come Chinese schools still do not get consistent funding from the govt? And all this while the parents of the very schoolchildren in Chinese schools are taxed to pay for bumi-only residential schools, muslim-only religious schools and increasingly Islamised national schools?
He said DAP claims to want to weaken Umno's hold in the government was illogical as 38 of its 47 parliamentary seat candidates were lined up against either the MCA, Gerakan or SUPP (Sarawak United People's Party).

Wong said if DAP wanted to fight Umno, then it should contest against Umno.
Again. Tell me exactly how many UMNO parliamentary bills did the MCA politicians vote against? Zero!

Tell me how many blatantly racist, discriminatory and intolerant religious laws and policies did MCA vote against? Zero!

Don't even start with that rubbish about holding negotiations behind closed doors. It's painfully obvious that MCA has no choice but to go along with UMNO. MCA is UMNO's bitch, so to speak. Therefore, isn't a vote against MCA as effective as a vote against UMNO?
"They claim to want to bring change, but what DAP is doing is splitting the community and negating the progress MCA has been fighting for since making its comeback in the 1999 election."
If MCA wants so much to unify the Chinese community in Malaysia, why hasn't it merged with Gerakan? Wouldn't a single, unified MCA-Gerakan party be much more effective to balance against UMNO?
If DAP won big in the polls, Wong said, the biggest loser would be the Chinese community, as cabinet posts would be lost as well.

"MCA used to hold the Finance Ministry and International Trade and Industry Ministry posts. But it was all lost in the 1969 election and it's now gone forever."
Forever?! And what is MCA doing to ensure that a Chinaman becomes Finance minister again? Nothing? Just give up? No energy? Why then would the Chinese want a spineless, unspirited, lethargic, pessimist party like MCA?

Therefore, as my trusty Chinese educated mechanic in Kepong would say...

MCA, I not free fuck you! (literal Cantonese: 'Ngor ng tak han tiew lei').

Footnote: perhaps Wong Mook Leong might want to read this Malaysiakini article instead:
Why Chinese voters may abandon MCA

...they wonder if the MCA will take a beating by Chinese voters who make up a substantial number of urban voters at both parliamentary and state levels. There is a strong undercurrent of disgruntlement and disillusionment directed against the MCA led by Ong Ka Ting...

...for maintaining an ‘elegant silence’ over numerous controversies and challenging issues that are deemed to be detrimental to the interests and future of the community.

MCA is increasingly being criticised as a ‘marginalised party’ within BN, and seen as suffering from political impotence because of the hegemony of the Umno leadership and Malay supremacy.

As a blogger wrote: “What is most disappointing is that some non-Umno politicians have become apologists for Umno. The MCA is merely a tool used by Umno to garner Chinese Malaysian votes.”
Hell yeah... tell me why MCA's main role these days is mainly to 'turun padang' and explain to the Chinese why being threatened by UMNO leaders with keris is OK; how Malaysia never having been a secular state doesn't threaten their freedom of religion - even as the corpses of their dead fathers are abducted by the religious department; how the NEP actually benefits the Chinese by helping them avoid being driven into the sea by the UMNOputras... etc.

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Me thinks letting MCA lose a seat will actually prompt them to dangle bigger and more carrots in front of the voters in future elections!