Wednesday, March 26, 2008

DAP submits to Malay supremacy. Or is NST printing bullshit again?

So which is it? Is NST misquoting the Perak MB in order to provoke the non-Malays or is The Star doing the same (albeit in the opposite direction) to provoke the Malays?

Whichever it is, DAP or Mohd Nizar should sue the NST or The Star. One of them shouldn't be allowed to get away with what looks (to a layman like me) to be outright lying with seditious intent.

As quoted by NST:

IPOH: Menteri Besar Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin has assured the Malay-Muslims in Perak that the tripartite government of Pas, Keadilan and DAP will respect and protect the community's fundamental beliefs pertaining to Islam, Malay supremacy and the monarchy.

"The DAP representatives respect and accept the Malay supremacy, the institution of royalty and the status of Islam which are provided for in the constitution of the state.

"The establishment of the new state government shows that the 18 DAP state assemblymen have agreed to accept these beliefs," he said, adding that otherwise there would not have been a government of Pas, Keadilan and DAP.
As quoted by The Star:
Meanwhile, Mohammad Nizar clarified that the 18 DAP assemblymen, in accepting him as a Malay mentri besar, did not mean that the party had acceded to Malay supremacy.

“No, I think that the assemblymen were accepting what has been provided for in the state constitution, and are abiding by it,” he said.
Bernama left out any reference to this juicy soundbite entirely when reporting on the same news, here and here.


bayi said...

Another instance of MSM bull shit.

Frank said...

Don't get excited about anything written in NST and Star on local politics.

The engine for mischief is put on high gear by NST and Star on anything that has to do with the state govts in Penang, Perak, Kedah Selangor and Kelantan. The two papers have been doing this nasty exercise on PAS in Kelantan for the last 18 years which west coast non Malays absorbed like sponge every day with their breakfast.

NST is owned by UMNO and Star by MCA.

Rather than question the truth, it is better to question the two papers' intent in settting the news agenda when dealing with the oppostion states.

Somehow I get the feeling that it is folks like you that NST and Star are baiting... and hope you don't fall for it as many non Malays and non Muslims fell on news about PAS in Kelantan when reading NST and Star.