Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Mahathir vs Abdullah Badawi. Matthias Chang speaks!... Errr... Matthias who?

Matthias Chang was a former aide of Tun Mahathir. He now speaks in defence of the Tun. Whether he's speaking of his own accord, without direction from Mahathir is debatable.

Notably, Matthias makes the first mention of Khairy in this whole affair. Is it the Tun's way of starting the ball rolling on Khairy?

Does it lend credence to the notion that Khairy is target all along, behind all the smoke and noise created by the Tun's repetitive mentioning of sovereignty, the crooked bridge, sand, airspace, Petronas, EFP, Proton, APs... yadda, yadda, yadda.

Or is Matthias Chang simply regurgitating what he read on Raja Petra Kamarudin's Khairy Chronicles?

Here's the article in the link below. This Matthias seems like a lively character. Just seems crazy enough to blurt out hitherto unmentionable matters, with uncanny timing.

PM's son-in-law and NST deputy chairman corrupt, Matthias Chang charges.

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