Thursday, June 01, 2006

Disneyland Malaysia... Disney Spokesperson Denies It!

Singapore's Today newpaper reports that a Disney spokesperson has denied all rumours and says that Disney has no Malaysian intentions whatsoever.

And while the report seems to be simply reporting the facts, there is no denying the malice in its tone. You can practically feel the writer rubbing her hands in glee while writing the piece. Add some warts and a crooked sneer, and there you have it - a jealous step sister.

If you want to read the earlier press releases, have a look at the previous blog.


Daniel Franklin Gomez said...

Looks like the Kiasuland is 1-0 up against Bolehland...we can easily even the score by stopping water supply, thus forcing them to live on newater...hehehehe! *EVIL GRIN*

seantang said...

We could do that. I'm still at a loss why Malaysia didn't take the water issue to the international courts. If we claim unfair contract, I think there might be some recourse. Probably not an entitlement to terminate the contract but a readjusment of the price based on commercial rates. After all, it's always Singapore that keeps singing that all it's deals with Malaysia must benefit both countries. Based on that, they cannot object to an adjustment to a contract that blatantly benefits only one party.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that M'sia also benefits from this, in that it's getting clean water back from S'pore, processed at a cost of RM2.40/1000 gallon, at 50 sen/1000 gallon, according to

Anonymous said...

This episode only casts further doubt on the integrity of some Malaysian politicians... What a shame.

seantang said...

The mfa article rebuts Malaysia on 3 main fronts:

1. The sanctity of the agreement must be maintained. I agree that contracts are binding. But when contracts are intrinsically lopsided, they can and should be broken & redrawn and there are common law precedents for this. Let the International Court decide, I say.

2. Malaysia benefits. Singapore buys raw water at 3sen/1000gallons and pays for it by providing Malaysia with treated water at 50sen/1000gallons. This water costs Singapore RM2.40/1000gallons to treat.

Firstly, can Malaysia treat water at a cheaper rate? If it can, 50sen's not cheap anymore. How much Singapore pays to treat water is irrelevant to Malaysia. What's important is how 50sen compares to how much it costs Malaysia to treat water.

Secondly, does Malaysia need the treated water from Singapore? Just like how Tenaga is forced to buy "cheap" power from the IPPs. Just because it's cheap, doesn't mean that it's necessary. If it's unnecessary however cheaply Malaysia buys it, it's still a burden.

Thirdly, does Johor need to sell water to Singapore? Can that water be sold to other states like Selangor which has frequent water shortages.

3. It says the Malaysia is profiteering from the 37 million gallons of treated water it buys daily from Singapore at 50sen/1000 gallons. This water is then sold to Johor residents at RM3.95/1000 gallons.

But wait, Singaporean consumers are now paying S$1.17 for 1 cubic metre of water. 1 cubic metre is 264.186 gallons. So they pay S$4.43 (RM10.19!!) for 1000 gallons of water which costs Singapore RM2.40 to treat?

Who's profiteering where??!!

But I find this part of MFA's press release the most telling:

"The water dispute is not about money but Singapore's existence as a sovereign nation. The Water Agreements are part of the Separation Agreement which guarantees Singapore's existence as an independent nation. If the terms of the Water Agreements can be changed by Malaysia at will, then Singapore's independence too could be called into question. This is the root dispute."

Honestly, it sounds to me like the MM screwed up and based the premise of Singapore's national independence on what is essentially the grace of Malaysia.

Singapore calls the water agreement a Guarantee. Malaysia sees it as Charity and a Burden. That discrepancy, my friend, is the root dispute.

Anonymous said...

Actually Johor intends to sell treated water to S'pore instead, and not buy any from them. But, being a Johorean, I can honestly say that I'd prefer the water from S'pore... our water here is relatively clean compared to those "horror movie" ones from other areas of M'sia, as frequently seen in the papers!

S'pore kept harping on the ever-lowering cost of seawater desalination, and they also hv the much-publicised Sew... eer... I mean, NewWater =D, and they're really looking forward to water self-sufficiency in the near future.