Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Photos of the Police vs Price Hike Protestors on May 28, 2006.

Malaysiakini is hosting some photos on the police action on that day and have called the photo album "Bloody Sunday".

The police FRU hose down the crowd that gather in front of KLCC and we see a few photos of a big dude who gets the short end of a big stick. And there are also photos of arrests being made.

While there are no photos of the FRU actually charging the protestors, the photo that appeared in Singapore's Today newpaper (photo and the blog below) shows FRU personnel kicking a man when he was pretty much down and subdued.

My question, "how did Malaysiakini obtain these before and after photos but none show the FRU actually acting on the crowd?"

And this other question is for our veritable police force. How does the Royal Thai Police manage to control and contain repeated demonstrations which were reported to be 100,000 strong at times, without incident (well, none was reported anyway and I was actually in Bangkok for a month during that time) - while the Royal Malaysian Police find it necessary to rough up 600 people who looked like they were on a picnic with their kids?!!

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