Tuesday, May 09, 2006

An Internet Forum for Ipohites.

My internet discovery for the week. There is forum of Ipohites on the internet. So what's new, you say? The difference is that this forum's active. Real active actually albeit the same bunch of characters do many of the posts. However, it is pretty fun chatting with people who know Ipoh the same way you do etc. especially when you're away from home.

So what you get is news from home and lively chat with people in Ipoh and Ipohites who are elsewhere. And some of them are decent photographers. And they post their photos in high res too. If you ever wanted a windows background of the Ipoh Train Stn, or the limestone hills, or Old Town etc. here's the place to find it.

Another plus is that it's pretty free-for-all and the moderation is quite progressive. So, you won't have people telling you to cover up your aurat or fining you for holding hands.


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