Saturday, May 06, 2006

Formula 1: European GP Nurburgring

Yes, it's F1 weekend again. Singapore, being the un-motorsports friendly country that it is, does not have telecasts of F1 races (nor WRC or any other motorsports for that matter) on it's free-to-air TV. Even when Bernie Ecclestone made a very public "suggestion" (read: offer) that Singapore put in a bid to host a leg of the F1 calendar, the powers-that-be procrastinated, dilly-dallied and effectively put an end to that possibility. Such a pity, I think.

Anyway, courtesy of cable TV, it is now 9pm in Singapore and I'm watching the 2nd elimination round of the qualifying Saturday of the European Grand Prix in Nurburgring, Germany.

F1's more exciting now than it's been for the past couple of years. In 2004 and 4 years before that, it was a Ferrari parade - with 7-times World Driver's Champion, Michael Schumacher winning most of the races. Last year (2005), the winners changed (to Renault and Fernando Alonso) but the parading didn't. Renault did what Ferrari had done not so long ago ie. cake-walk most of the races and win the Constructor's and Driver's championships.

This year (2006) looks better. Renault still has the lion's share of the wins to date, but Ferrari did win the last GP in Imola, fair and square. And from the qualifying session so far, things look pretty quick for Ferrari. Other teams look pretty racy as well.

So, hopefully, we'll have a good race tomorrow and a competitive remainder of 2006.

More updates soon.

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Anonymous said...

Mmm......hopefully that Ferrari will ferry through and consistent throughtout the season. Lets wait and see...... Alonso to this date is very consistent in terms of man and machine partership. The treat of Raikonnen is hampered with McLaren's inconsistent machine.....whatever the reason, wish him lots of luck and kick Montoya's butt. :) Mmm....I may strike lighting and the roaring sound of thunder too.....