Saturday, May 06, 2006

Persistently Non-Political As Ever

Today's election day in Singapore. Come morning, Singaporeans will be out in droves to vote. Well, Singaporeans living in constituencies which didn't have the ruling party walk over, that is.

A lot has been said about the elections by the newspapers and TV stations in Singapore. And since Singapore has banned political dissertation on the net, I won't add more to the discussion. If forcing you people to google and read the details elsewhere - keeps me out of prison - so be it. As one of the more eloquent bloggers put it "prison got no broadband".

There is one outcome of this whole election that I want to share with you. Due to the abovementioned ban, the local bloggers have resorted to some very innovative methods to express their political opinions. Since the law says that there can be no "persistently political" discourse on the internet, they have produced some decidedly non-persistently political or persistently non-political expressions.

Here's the link to a podcast which I think is the funniest thing from Singapore since the first season of Phua Chu Kang. It draws a comparison between a noodle customer who forgot that he had forgotten to mention a small part of his lunch order to the noodle seller - and an opposition MP who forgot that he had forgotten to submit a certain form to the election commission. In both cases, the poor guy suffers from the backlash like a hen in a cockhouse (an idiom of my own creation. You like?)

Here's the link. Enjoy:

Right click and save the MP3 file. Play it on your Windows Mediaplayer etc.

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