Thursday, May 11, 2006

You're an Idiot - Scenes of Everyday Life

During my lunch break, between 12 to 1pm for your info (on the remote chance that my boss is reading this and thinks I'm goofing off), I read this 'Letter to the Editor' in Singapore's Today newspaper (ShortTakes May 11, 2006).

Someone was complaining about the EZ-Link card readers (EZ-Link is the prepaid travel card, similar to the Touch-N-Go) in public buses. He claims that the card readers are situated too high. He went on to give an example of a young man who had his EZ-Link card in his back pocket but could not undo the pocket's zip to get it out. As a result, he held up the bus as he tried in vain to lift his bum to the height of the card reader. In the end, someone helped lift him up to the card reader.

The letter then ends with a suggestion that the card readers be lowered a few inches, so that "most" men can tap without taking out the card from their back pockets.

Ok... good idea. Good... if you're an idiot!

Firstly, how many men keep their cards in their back pockets?

Secondly, how many back pockets have zips?

Thirdly, would you want to pay higher bus fares if the bus companies spend money relocating all the card readers in their hundreds, if not thousands of buses? Spend all that money because one genius didn't realise he was shorter than he thought & didn't have the hand-eye coordination to undo a zip?!

To me, the solution is simple. All short men are not to put their EZ-Link cards into their back pockets with zips on them. Better yet, don't wear pants with zipped pockets. If you have to make a fashion statement, just don't zip up the zips. How hard is that lah?

And don't put your card into those 'hidden pockets' either ("ngum toi" in Cantonese). Chinese mothers usually insist that they be sewn into each pair of their son's pants. For your info, mum, those hidden pockets don't fool robbers, they only make me lose my pants as well my cash during a robbery. But I digress.

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