Sunday, May 21, 2006

Trust in God, everyone else pays cash - My opinion of Da Vinci's Code

From a posting I made in Ipoh forums.

I'm no religious scholar, but the devil's advocate questions thrown up by the book intrigue me. Essentially, the bible's made up of the personal written accounts of a "selection" of people.

What of the accounts of the people who are not included in the bible? What did other versions of the gospel say?

And what guarantees that the accounts by Luke or Matthew etc. etc. are indeed the true? Or that the parties who actually put them together to form the bible were completely impartial? Was there embellishment by the church over the centuries?

As my former boss used to say, "Trust in God, everyone else pays cash". It remains that the bible was written, compiled and interpreted by men, not god. And man is not infallible.

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