Sunday, May 14, 2006

Spanish F1Grand Prix.Today's Race Day!!!!

I'm back in Malaysia for the weekend and am going to enjoy my first non-fuzzy F1 GP this year. I've been watching F1 GPs in Singapore courtesy of a UHF booster tuned to 8TV from Malaysia. Usually, the cars look awfully warm & fuzzy rather than quick & sleek.

So, how did you find qualifying day yesterday? It was good stuff. The last 5 minutes of qualifying provided practically all the excitement, except for David Coulthard's (Red Bull) unfortunate rendevous with the track barriers.

M. Schumacher and F.Massa looked like they had it all sewn up. Fastest during practice and leading during the first 2 qualifying periods. But it all fell apart during the last 5 minutes when F. Alonso and G. Fisichella (Renault) put in very, very quick laps which I think took Ferrari by surprise. They timed it almost to perfection, leaving it to the very end of qualifying. In a last ditch attempt to regain the front line of the grid, M. Schumacher and F. Massa used fresh tyres in one last hot lap but it was in vain.

Alonso on pole position and Fisichella make up an all Renault first row. M. Schumacher and Massa bring up the 2nd row. I can't be bothered about the rest.

One more hour till the greens lights go off!

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