Monday, May 15, 2006

Essilor Airwear with Transitions and Crizal Alize. Sillouette Titanium Rimless Frame.

Now does that sound complicated or what? But that's the name of the most expensive pair of spectacles that I have ever made in my life.

Here's what I wrote about Transitions when I was researching it earlier this month.

Okay, so what did I actually get?

I am currently using a rimless titanium frame made by Sillouette. This titanium stuff is great. The whole frame weighs only a few grammes due to it's minimalist design and the intrinsic light weight - high strength qualities of titanium. The model I have is unpainted polished titanium. Therefore, it has a shiny silver finish, that on my 4 year old frame, has not blemished one bit despite the sweat, heat and daily grind. It's just a damn good frame. So good I've gotten one exactly like it for this new pair of spectacles. The price in Singapore is about SGD 310 but since I'm making this newest pair in Focus Point, Ipoh, Malaysia, it will cost around RM 600.

And the piece de resistance.. the lens.

Brand: Essilor
Model: Airwear polycarbonate
Coatings: Transitions, Crizal Alize

Polycarbonate is supposed to be considerably lighter than regular lens and virtually unbreakable.

Transitions, if you've read my previous blog, is the photochromatic coating which will turn the normally perfectly clear lens dark grey when it is exposed to sunlight (UV). You can have it in brown if you want.

Crizal is a multi coating which is supposed to be anti-reflection, scratch resistant and promotes comfort when working with computer monitor glare. Crizal Alize is the next generation multi coating which supposedly adds hygroscopic qualities to the lens surface and make it smudge resistant and easier to clean as well.

Cost? It's SGD540 in Singapore and about RM1000 in Malaysia.

I just had my eyes checked and the spectacles ordered today. It'll be ready in 2 or 3 weeks.


Elizabeth said...

what do you think of your crizal lenses? heard they are very smudgy and make it look like you are peering through an oil puddle. thx

seantang said...

Actually, I think the Crizal Alize multi coating is way over-rated. You're right in that it smudges, although no more than normal lens.

Actually, I haven't seen any lens that are truly smudge-proof. An oily finger will do it everytime. I think smudge resistance is just marketing bullshit. So, I carry a micro-fibre lens cloth in my wallet.

As for scratch proof, well... I managed to scratch it too. So much for polycarbonate and Crizal Alize scratch resistance. However, I must say the scratches are minimal. But this might be due to my religious practice of never using my shirt etc to wipe the lens, and never, ever using tissue / paper.

In summary, is it worth the extra price... probably not.

But I like the Transitions though. One mistake I made though was to make the lens too small. Although the lens darken substantially, unless you have sizable lens that are closely set to your face - the glare is still substantial from around the edges of the lens... kinda negating the benefits of the lens darkening.

Martin said...

I currently own my first pair of glasses with the Crizal coating. Although I love the anti-glare coating, I absolutely HATE the ability to clean these lenses!

I usually use warm soapy water and dry. For some reason, you cannot get the whole lens clear without smudges when drying! It's insane. SO different from regular non-Crizal lenses.

Same goes for using lens cleaner spray. It's like you just push the smudge around and can't pick it up.

Anonymous said...

I so agree with the inability to clean. I never seem to have a clear pair of lenses. It's always like I'm looking through a fog. I'm not impressed.

4-eyed forever said...

I have Crizal lenses (4 years)and they have been the worst lenses I have ever had - I am religious in cleaning them properly (30+ years of eyeglasses) and they still scratch and blurr to the point that in 6 months I need to replace them. Getting to the point that it would have been cheaper to laser my eyes. Company has not reponded to any of the correspondance I have sent them - bad company or too many complaints to respond to?

Anonymous said...

I agree that the coating is not what it's advertised to be. After less than 6 months the coating started pealing off the lens making them appear to be covered in scratches. They are also are very difficult to clean and keep clean. I wish I had done some research before shelling out the additional dollars. Fortunately, I bought them from a 20/20 lens shop and they are remaking the lenses for me. I wouldn't buy Crizal again however.

alanbelanger said...

I got Crizal Alize lenses a few weeks ago, and will return them for the third time tomorrow. They are fine for a few days, and then seem to get covered in tiny scratches and the glare becomes unbearable. At first I thought they were covered in foggy smudges, but I could not get them clean. This time I'm asking for feedback from the lab. Seems to me either something went wrong in the manufacturing process (3 times in a row?) or these lenses just plain suck.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I'm so glad I found this site. I'm relieved actually. I HATE, HATE, HATE my Crizal lenses. YUK! They are impossible to clean. Everytime I have to clean them I want to cry. Worst $50.00 I ever spent. I tried to return them and have new glasses made but my optical shop would not take them back. I will never do it again. Ever since I've had them I feel like I have to squint to see anything. I can't read with them, watch tv, etc. It isn't my eyesight because they have been this way since I picked them up. Even when they are clean I have a hard time seeing things clearly. I'm currently trying to save enough money so that I can go and purchase a new pair of glasses. Wish me luck in the mean time!