Monday, May 08, 2006

European GP 2006 @Nurburgring results - Is this the Ferrari Revival?

Ferrari comes in 1st and 3rd (M. Schumacher and F. Massa respectively... of course). Fernando Alonso becomes the filling in the Ferrari sandwich.

Schumacher clearly, clearly had the faster car. Although unable to overtake Alonso before the 2nd pitstop, he was never off Alonso's pace. The Ferrari's blistering hot laps before the 2nd pitstop were enough to silence any doubts about the car or the driver.

Are we seeing a Ferrari revival? I damn well hope so. Even so, Ferrari have an uphill task before them. With Alonso being so very consistent, Schumacher only takes 2 points away from his 21 point lead. They really need Massa to figure in 2nd place, ahead of Alonso. Or if the F1 Gods are keen to provide a spectacle, they might just conjure a couple of DNFs (Did Not Finish) into Alonso's season to really heat things up.

Might we be able to see a 3-horse race this season? Maybe, if Kimi Raikonnen and McLaren get their act together to field a race-winning package within the next race or two. Or else, it might be 2005 all over again for Kimi. A case of too little too late.

Here's a link to an article about yesterday's race at my favourite F1 news site:

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