Wednesday, June 14, 2006

‘Touch ’n Go’ girls. Teenagers let young men fondle them for a fee.

The Star has a rather interesting revelation about the goings-on in Sungai Petani, of all god forsaken places. Seems like Sg Petani is a really happening place ;p

Touch ’n Go’ girls. Teenagers let young men fondle them for a fee.

THERE is a new term in Sungai Petani – “Touch n' Go Girls”. This is not because the girls, some of whom are as young as 12, work at tollbooths but because of the illicit services they offer.

A source from the Kuala Muda District Religious Office told Kosmo! that the girls would let men touch their breasts and private parts for a fee. Because of this, the girls are known as “Touch n' Go Girls”.

The daily said the girls were runaways and their modus operandi was to hang out at a shopping mall in town to offer their services. Their clients are mostly young men who hang out at the mall.

The source also revealed that the religious authority was monitoring the girls' activities. “Their behaviour is simply outrageous,” said the source.


Anonymous said...

Damn, what's next, Plug 'n Play (cucuk and main) gals?

seantang said...

hahaha... plug & play... good one.