Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Tun Dr M's speech & dialog event organised by Malaysia Today

On Saturday, Tun Dr M gave a speech at a venue in Kuala Lumpur. The event was organised by Malaysia Today.Net. Below are excerpts of some of the topics Tun M spoke on.


Crooked bridge was a loss of sovereignty to Sgp. Why did we have to ask permission from Singapore to do something on our own land? The Govt says Malaysians did not want a bridge. But Tun M says that it's not the bridge they don't want. But it's Johor that doesn't want to sell sand to Sgp. And Johor doesn't want foreign military aircraft over its airspace.

Tun M says that sand and air was offered by Malaysia. Not a demand from Singapore.

Tun M's "suspicious mind" suspects that the bridge was scuttled because "someone" was not able to sell sand to Singapore. Someone would not be able to profit from the sale of sand even if the bridge went ahead because Johor would not agree to sell sand. Since there was no money to make from the bridge, cancel it.

seantang says: "While I agree that Malaysia need not get Singapore's agreement for the crooked bridge, I disagree with the project itself. It was a useless project that would not address any of the existing causeway's shortcomings, and it will cost hundreds of millions of ringgits. The causeway is a bottleneck. Building a crooked bridge over halkf of it simply makes the bottleneck more acute. It, in no way, alleviates the problem. If it doesn't solve the problem, why do it?"


Throughout the speech, the Tun had some choice barbs aimed at Khairy and his corp of Oxbridge flyboys.

"Sikit, sikit pi Singapura main golf. Anak menantu pun pi." - at every excuse, they play golf in Singapore. Even the son-in-law goes.


All the cabinet ministers and all the UMNO section heads support the PM. They support because he is the PM. It doesn't matter what's the issue, they will support. Tun M mentioned when he was PM, mereka selalu cium tangan. Sekarang tangan bau busuk (they always kissed his hand, but now his hand stinks).


Who's the buyer ie. Gevi SPA? Tun M's "suspicious mind again" is asking who's behind Gevi SPA? It apparently was incorporated specifically to buy MV Augusta. Who profits from it?

Q&A session.


Tun M said he gave him the PM's power, but he neglected to put in a condition that he couldn't give his power to his son-in-law. Right now, Tun M doesn't know who's in power.

seantang says: This is yet another reference to Khairy being the power behind the throne.


Najib has his own problems too.


No need for it. Basic Islam is sufficient. We only need to make sure we interpret it correctly.

The organisers, Malaysia Today is hosting the videos here.

Note that the speech is mainly in Bahasa Malaysia. A transcript of the ensuing press conference is also available in the same page.

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Anonymous said...

Quote from Mahathir:

No need for it. Basic Islam is sufficient. We only need to make sure we interpret it correctly."

Exactly, just use your brains and don't be racially and religiously intolerant! This goes out to all those wannabe Osamas in and out of the Goverment!