Thursday, June 14, 2007

2 legs for RM2,400, 2 gang rapes and a 2-timing IGP

How about that? It only costs RM2,400 to have someone's legs chopped off. That's a farking good deal. Must be due to the Malaysia Mega Sale.

Trio Who Chopped Off Man's Legs, Get Seven Years Jail

Yesterday, the court was told that Rabiah, who lived in the same house with Manivan and has a 12-year-old child with a former husband, paid Jinaraj and Jay Kumar RM2,400 to cut off the man's legs and beat him to "give him a lesson".

Manivan died of multiple slash wounds and severe head injury at 2.45pm on July 15, 2003 at the Selayang Hospital.
And the perpetrators even threw in a free severe head injury.

And rape. We've got lots of rapes. And this is the good stuff... back to back gang rapes! in front of the husband/boyfriend, and both cases in our very own sin-city, JB.
Another woman gang-raped

JOHOR BARU: A group of men took a couple on a terror ride before raping the woman, the second such case in as many days here.

A 55-year-old contractor and his 35-year-old female friend had stopped at a petrol station along the Pasir Gudang highway at 10.30pm last week. As he was filling up, three men armed with parang overpowered him and forced both victims into the car.

The assailants took the victims on a one-hour terror ride before stopping at a secluded area along the highway. With the injured victim watching helplessly, the men took turns to rape the woman before fleeing in another car driven by an accomplice.

On Monday, a 19-year-old girl was raped by three men as her boyfriend watched helplessly in Taman Tampoi Indah. Their car was rammed into by another car. Three men in the car then abducted the couple. The boyfriend was also slashed in the leg when he tried to escape.
And is our police force doing anything about all this criminal activity?

You bet they are. If you believe Raja Petra of fame, the IGP himself is busy getting a piece of the action. So much for 'Bersih, Cekap dan Amanah.'
The roaches are scurrying and the rats are hurrying

The Johor crime bosses identified by Deep Throat were ‘Tengku’, Ah Kooi, Ah Seng and Ah Heng, and the business of the syndicate involves prostitution, drugs and illegal gambling, as mentioned in the previous episode of this same series.

What was more frightening was the revelation by Deep Throat that the Chief of Police was the patron of this new ‘national’ organised crime syndicate.

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