Monday, June 18, 2007

Mandarin required. Muslims need not apply.

I got this from a chance stumbling onto the What a Lulu blog. And this is a really good one about discriminatory hiring practices.

A company called Metro Kajang Hldgs Bhd advertised in the papers for several job openings.

For a particular accounts exec job, the ad says:
- Mandarin is an added advantage,
- Muslims need not apply

So, as expected... feathers were ruffled and kerises unsheathed.

But Lulu's blog highlights one particular response posted on a forum:

From: josh hong
Date: Fri Jun 15, 2007 4:52 pm
[PROMUDA-Circle] Those in the muslim faith need not apply

It is easy to find out why Metro Kajang prefers a NON-MUSLIM for the post: the office is located in Batang Berjuntai, near a pig slaughter house. And the successful candidate will be dealing with pig farmers as well about housing development there. If in doubt, call this number to verify: 03 - 8737 2323 and speak to the Human Resource Department, which I just did.

Meanwhile, there are many other vacancies for Muslims and non-Muslims at Metro Kajang.

I hope this solves all the unnecessary assumption. However, if one is still unhappy that such ads are around, why don't you complain to the relevant authorities?

cheerio, Josh.
Damn... it's so simple and straightforward that I wonder why Metro Kajang didn't just insert that information into the advert? It'd draw much less flak.

Although this is the first ad I've ever seen that asks specifically for non-Muslim applicants only (and boy, do they have a damn solid reason) - there are many ads which ask for Mandarin only.

Could the reason for Mandarin-only ads be just as simple? For example, the fact that the job will be dealing with Mandarin speaking customers, vendors and co-workers? Maybe such Mandarin-only ads would be a lot more acceptable if the advertisers clearly point out why the job candidates need to speak Mandarin on the job.


Anonymous said...


"..And the successful candidate will be dealing with pig farmers as well about housing."

What an Accounts Executive will be doing with pig farmers? Massage the pig or the farmer? Ridiculous.

Crap Advertisement and crap counter-information.

Anonymous said...

The company's building houses alongside a pig farming area where pig farmers are stakeholders in the project.

A good accounts exec would accompany the commercial staff into the field to get a good estimate of the costs of the business.

But then I guess you think that accounts execs are only about working in an airconditioned office and tea breaks.

In that case, I think the ad worked. It has discouraged the exact sort of employee that the company doesn't want to hire.

Anonymous said...

lan ciao