Thursday, June 14, 2007

Samy Vellu Tiru / Plagiarises

This is really funny. I picked it off Lim Kit Siang's blog. If you just returned from the wilderness and have no idea what I'm going on about... a sharp Malaysiakini reader noted that Semi Value had plagiarised the compositions of others (ala Brendan Pereira) when he dedicated a much-publicised poem to Pak Lah and Jeanne Danker's marriage.

Below is one person's extremely funny summary of the sequence of events. Sammy... if you're reading this... sack your political secretary lah. All he knows is cut & paste.

By Martin Jalleh

Samy had proudly sent to Jeanne and Badawi,
A congratulatory statement in perfect poetry,
So spellbound was Bolehland by his originality.

But damn, a sharp reader of Malaysiakini
Spotted Samy’s true and hidden capability
For from two poems, the Minister did copy.

As shame no longer exists in our country
Slowly but surely, silently, subtly and slyly
Samy sends in his handy press secretary.

“Blame not my master,” said he slavishly
“But blame rather on my lapse of memory.
“The authors I have left out inadvertently!”

Our sympathies, dear Jeanne and Badawi
For being treated to Samy’s cheap publicity
and pathetic excuses of his press secretary.

In light of government’s leaking credibility
Samy should stay focused on his Ministry
And save plagarised poems only for MIC.

(12 June 2007)

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