Friday, June 01, 2007

Bring a PUKI home today

Someone sent me this photo of a Taiwanese ad. The email's tagline was great... "if the pig's Puki, is it's mom Pukima?"

This ad would never see the light of day in Malaysia... the main character's a pig... called Puki!

Imagine the outburst of self-righteous outrage by those with thin skins (when it comes to tolerance) but thick hides (when it comes to threats of violence and destruction).
And they even have a "Welcome to Puki City" website which plays a kawaii Puki song when it loads (click the screenshot of the website).

Heheh... the things we give up for the sake of multi-culturalism and (over) sensitivities.

Btw, here's another ad campaign from Swatch which some Malaysians would find a bit hard to swallow:

Swatch "Be Lucky" CNY Collection 2007 - Piggy Snout Ads

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