Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Will Malaysia's religious dept be consistent and 'rehabilitate' 86 year old woman?

Mariam Sahari, with her Korean son (right) Ji Yong Un, 51, his wife, Shin Sook Hyun and their son, Ji, 29. — Picture from Korean Broadcasting System.
Here's an 86 year old lady, born Malay Muslim, who ended up in Korea after WWII (more on her story here).

Based on the fact that she married a couple of Korean men (I'm assuming they weren't Muslim) and also the assumption that her Korean son in the photo is not Muslim, isn't she at great risk of being 'detained' by the Jabatan Agama Islam and getting 'rehabilitated' like Raimah Bibi (also refer Lim Kit Siang's blog here and here for other similar cases).

The religious department has been very good at confiscating young children with a 'Muslim' parent with disputed religious status. I wonder how consistent they are when the 'child' involved is a 51 year old man of Korean nationality? Surely, god's law cannot be bent on such small technicalities, can it?

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