Sunday, April 13, 2008

Aryan race challenged. Nazis being dominated by lesser humans.

That's how I interpret Utusan Malaysia's headline on the Kelantan clown prince's statement yesterday.

Ketuanan Melayu tercabar - Kaum lain lebih dominan dari segi politik, ekonomi – Tengku Faris

- Utusan Malaysia.
There is a more subtle but infinitely more vicious intent to Utusan's headline. You know how the conventional wisdom has always been Malays dominate politics (power) while the Chinese can have the economy (as long as the UMNOputras become filthy rich without raising a finger, that is)... this headline implies that the Chinese now possess both, and the Malays are left with neither (or nothing).

This, in my mind, is Utusan instigating a Malay outburst against the Chinese, by yet again posing the latter as a bogeyman.

The Editor of Utusan and the writer of this article must be arrested for sedition!


anak bangsa malaysia said...

And the gomen allows this? The speech is seditious to the core!

kl said...

seditious to whom? Its a govt paper after all - the mouthpiece of our master race. MCA's STAR is bleatig out some inconsequential story....

Anonymous said...

utusan mofos should go breed with the kkk folks.

Anonymous said...

Ths wanker calls himself a 'Royal'.
Whats coming out of their mouths does not seem 'royal'. I bet Hitler would have loved this guy.
Hey.. I suppose the Laws of Sedition does not apply to him!

The so-called "Ketuanan Melayu" crap is nothing but a damn racist policy hidden under a cloak of 'Social Contract' and other forms of policies. And this guy can actually say that Racism is being challenge. At least this peabrain can recognise that the other races are doing well in spite of all the shackles placed on us.