Wednesday, April 02, 2008

WTF? Malaysian taxpayers to bail out British hooker

WTF?! Your Malaysian govt wants to spend our tax money rehabilitating a GBP130/hour British hooker who dropped out of school because of her pedophile Pakistani father.

Why? Because her mother was a Malaysian at one time.

For god's sake... this girl is NOT EVEN MALAYSIAN! Why you sibuk sangat?

And if somebody really wanted to rehabilitate hookers... I'm willing to bet an hour with "very pretty, size 8, 32D bust and 5'5" tall, available for booking every day from 11am to 8pm" Sufiah that there are thousands of hookers who are Malaysian - with parents who are both also Malaysian - whom we can help. And I'll also bet another hour of carnal pleasure with Sufiah that most of our local prostitutes are forced to sell their bodies, unlike their British passport holding counterpart who does it willingly.

In addition, we can help these fellow Malaysians without having to send Minister in PM's dept, Datuk Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and his deputy, Senator Datuk Dr. Mashitah Ibrahim on a taxpayer paid holiday to England and without using the Malaysian public's money to pay for the university fees & other expenses of a British subject.

By the way, can we ask the Pakistani govt to bear half the cost?

Read Utusan for how the PM's dept is going to embark on their 'quest' to save a British callgirl.


Ash said...

You say "Your Malaysian govt", just curious but are you not a malaysian?


sean-the-man said...


Like how A would comment to B: "your friend lah!" when referring to C, (a common friend to both A & B), who's in the process of doing something stupid.

Anonymous said...

Bring her back to Malaysia and start teaching her Bahasa. Then offer her a citizenshaip and maybe a VC post at UUM or UiTM. She might make the two universities World Class.

Malaysian said...

There are many Malaysians who are prostituting because of hardship, I am sure. Go to any one of the cheap hotels in KL and you will find them. Malays, Chinese, Indians and even some East Malaysians. Charity begins at home. These are Malaysians. If they are Muslims, the religious authorities will lock them up for a thousand and one sins. But in this case, the girl is not even a Malaysian. The religious authorities are silent. And the PM's Department wants to help????

Anonymous said...

tuahyong said....
Think of ways to help our Malaysians by reducing the prices of petrol,gas and thousands of items that are "spiralling" instead of helping an UK citizen of Pakistani blood. Don't Zahid and Mashitah and other concerned Amno goons have better things to do. Hope PR can "kick" them out and be the new government and start to "korek,korek,korek" their misdeeds.