Friday, April 11, 2008

Non-Malays are 'musuh dalam selimut'. I'm tired of this shit.

This is my 560th blog post. The 150,000th visitor passed by a while ago when I posted on Chua Soi Lek's sexcapades.

You know folks.., I'm tired. I'm tired of this shit. After all that's happened leading up to the watershed elections of 8 March, I'm tired that there are still people who think it's still only about us versus them. I'm tired that after 5 generations, they still see us as "penindas", "musuh dalam selimut" and "tangan yang tidak sepatutnya". I'm tired that 'Tanah Melayu' is still a rallying call for racism, Malay Nazism and anti-Chinese rhetoric. I'm tired that that venerable institutions that my tax money helped pay for, like Universiti Malaya, can stamp "DILULUSKAN" on such racist garbage.

Afandy B. Sutrisno Tanjung... are you even fucking Malaysian? I might be mistaken, but your name sounds very Indonesian. Were you born here? I was. Everyone in my family since my grandparents on both sides were born in Malaysia. How about yours? How long has your family been in Malaysia? Mine's been here 5 generations. Do you have any relatives in Indonesia (or Pakistan or whatever)? I have none in China. And you're calling me "warga asing"?

But you've got one thing right. Given the chance, you will absolutely be "ditikam". Repeatedly and with a very blunt but jagged knife. Not because of any enemies under the blankets, but because you're just a god-damned myopic racist son of a bitch. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your crotch and may your arms be too short to scratch it. Now go lick your own arsehole like the mongrel dog that you are.


kl said...

Sickening isn't it? Products of our "world class" education system.
Any idiot with megalomanic fantasies can go on a chest thumping exercise by exhorting the master race through denigrating the other races and it will be allowed.
Turn the tables? Sing a stupid song in Taiwan about true conditions in malaysia - the thing escalates to the cabinet ministers level!

sean-the-man said...

UM students against racism

KUALA LUMPUR: A group of Universiti Malaya students yesterday released a declaration against racism and called for policies that will foster racial harmony.
Noazali Zainuddin, the leader of Gabungan Mahasiswa Sedar, a coalition of five student organisations claiming to represent 5,000 of the university's 30,000 student population, said it was disappointed the university and student council were not doing more to stamp out racism.

Deputy vice-chancellor of student affairs and alumni Assoc Prof Dr Azarae Idris said he had received the declaration from the coalition yesterday but had yet to read it.

Anonymous said...

tuahyong wrote....

This dude is he from Indonesia or his ancestors from Java or what? I am the 5th generation here and he dared to call "orang asing"! Looking at the letter, he should be ISA'ed and don't be another racsist hero like "Kerismuddin" which caused the downfall of Bodhwi and other non Amno in Be End Parties!

Anonymous said...

what a Mofo. may fleas crawl up his a-hole and infest it forever.

Anonymous said...

He said he didn't write the letter. Someone framed him.

malaysia born said...

The only thing good that we can say about Malaysia Ministers are that they are good in living off the nation coffers. They are perfect in implementing mega projects that fatten their wallets and bank accounts. They are perfect in screwing and raping the nation wealth.

Other than that, don't expect anything intelligent ot come out from that hole .... or any other holes, for that matter.

Daniel said...

This guy is a real numbskull. I used to respect local Universities. Especially UM. Not anymore. University Malaya should be rated as a institution which breeds hatred and prejudice. I know I should not generalize, but the fact that they actually approved a speach like this means that they are in fact supporting him. I guess even the administration is at fault. I am lucky I studied abroad. I have had a wider view of the struggle of humanity as a whole and not as a race. In the real world people are respected for who they are as human beings and not their race This Afandy B. Sutrisno Tanjung is obviously lacking in intelligence and has no grasp on reality. His University Malaya "education" obviously cultivated his opinions.