Thursday, April 03, 2008

Dutch inaction against Wilders follows Muslim precedents

The Muslim community has always taken great pains to point out that the destructive actions of a few terrorists, extremists and hate-mongers does not mean that Islam and Muslims promote terrorism, extremism or violence and intolerance of any form. That the larger Muslim community cannot be demonised and penalised for the misdeeds of a few. And I agree.

But it is also this same community who now insist on holding the entire nation of Netherlands and anybody even remotely associated with all things Dutch - accountable and personally responsible for the individual actions of one Geert Wilders (who produced the short film 'Fitna'). They say that the entire nation and citizenry of Netherlands and all companies selling Dutch products must shoulder the blame for somehow 'not preventing' Wilders from broadcasting his film. Dutch Lady Malaysia actually had to take out print ads to distance themselves from being 'Dutch'.

How come the 2 sets of rules are exactly opposite, depending on whether the mischief is perpetrated by Muslims or by non-Muslims AND whether it's perpetrated on Muslims or on non-Muslims?

Perhaps the (rest of the) world will take these protests more seriously and roll their eyes a little less - if the so-called 'moderate' Muslim community had in the past, actually taken any tangible action at all against terrorism, religious extremism and intolerance, other than writing wordy letters to newspapers that most Muslims will never read anyway (especially the radical ones that think that any problem can be solved by blowing it up or shooting it down).

Otherwise don't blame the Dutch for not restraining the wayward actions of one of their own, when Muslims have shown, time and time again, to be morbidly unwilling to do the same.


orang cina said...

"associated with all things Dutch ". Hahaha....i blog about this.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with the point that Dutch didnt do anything. For one they did. The country law makers did look into the subject preventing the release of the film and distance itself from the opinions of the film.

May be we don't understand the politics in NL, but they practices true Democratic process, any person and any one can have their opinions. As much as you and i disagree with the contents, it is his rights to express it. Although, the contents is utter rubbish. Plus the fact, this Geert feller is an idiot and speaks like one... Well, that is the point democracy, you have the rights to voice opinions...

maidin said...

If Mydin supermarket is so against Fitna, why not just destroy the Dutch goods, instead of simply labeling them differently but ultimately still wanting to sell them and profit from them?

Scott said...

Spot on! Malaysia actually stands to lose more than the rich Dutch nation if we cut off all trade!

Anonymous said...

If you stop and boycott Dutch goods and if they retaliate then who would lose more? Malaysians or Dutchess? Be rational not emotional!

sean-the-man said...

Farkin' good point, maidin

sean-the-man said...

It disturbs me no end that there are many Muslims that publicly demand the death sentence for someone who makes a 17 minute video that doesn't harm anybody and doesn't deprive anyone of any rigths, freedoms and safety.

But NOT ONE has ever made the same demand for ANY terrorist reponsible for ANY terrorist act... ever!

Again, I'm there are many 'moderates' out there. But as many have said many times, IF you don't make yourself heard (to your own brethren), those who shout loudest amongst you will shout FOR you.

Or do you moderates secretly agree with them?

Protesters want death for Dutch filmmaker
Apr 4, 08 5:28pm Malaysiakini

About 150 demonstrators marched several kilometres in the rain to the Dutch embassy from a mosque near the iconic Petronas Twin Towers, under the watchful eyes of police.

'Muslims are angry'