Saturday, April 12, 2008

To MCA: Islamic states only lasts 5 years.

MCA says:

Pas will eventually come into power and when it does, it will amend the Federal Constitution and turn the country into a Islamic state which implements Hudud law.

"This is what the MCA has long been warning the people about; that Pas has this ulterior motive of trying to force upon the country the concept of an Islamic state," said Ong yesterday in a "I told you so" manner, after chairing the party's presidential council meeting.

Ong said during the recent election, Pas had put on the "friendly mask" of wanting to create a welfare state to attract voters.

But now, the "ugly tail" of wanting to form an Islamic state has again shown itself.
"This is something multiracial Malaysia cannot accept. MCA is strongly against it and we think a lot of the non-Muslim parties will agree with us," he said.

"Both the DAP and PKR must come out openly about their stand on Malaysia as an Islamic state," Liow added that DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng should offer an apology to the Malaysian public, especially the Chinese community.

This was because by siding with Pas, the DAP had camouflaged the party's true intention of wanting to create an Islamic state, hence misleading the Chinese into voting for Pas, he added.
That roughly sums up the coverage by NST: 'MCA slams Pas' Islamic state plan' and The Star: 'MCA slams PAS on hudud goal'.

I think MCA (and BN/UMNO) still don't comprehend the full significance of the political avalanche that that overwhelmed the whole country, little over a month ago.

Don't they realise that it doesn't matter anymore whether PAS still hides a desire to turn the country into an Islamic state. It doesn't matter anymore if PKR and DAP actually colluded with PAS on this issue. You see, MCA, it really doesn't matter anymore what you political parties want.

Howzat, you ask? Well, there's this here thing called a general election. It occurs every 5 years and the people get to choose their government. And how it works is that we get to choose any political party we want, to govern. The deeper significance is that we get to dump any govt we want after 5 years if it doesn't do whatever we, the people, want. Therefore, it's what we want that matters, not what you want... not what PAS wants, not what PKR and DAP want... and certainly not what MCA wants.

So there will no more social contracts. Political parties will not be allowed to 'represent' the races of Malaysia and purport to bind them into evergreen 'social contracts' that go against basic democratic and human rights - like the MCA, UMNO and MIC had supposedly done in 1957. Any contracts and agreements between PAS, PKR and DAP will apply to the country only for as long as they are in power. Therefore, any 'contract' between the Pakatan Rakyat components for an Islamic state will only last 5 years before Malaysians get to ratify or revoke it in a general election.

If Malaysians overwhelmingly vote for a govt that will institute an Islamic state, then so be it. The people have spoken. But based on this year's election results, there is no Islamic state on the horizon in the foreseeable future. And even if there was, it can only last 5 years. 5 years from now, we will have another election and we get to decide if we want an Islamic state all over again. So, why does MCA worry? Shut up lah!

So the main thing by far, is that we, as citizens Muslim and non-Muslim - must ensure that the elections are free, fair and that as many eligible people vote as possible. As long as we have that, we... not the political parties, decide every 5 years how we live.

In any case I'm not too worried about PAS. They seem to be doing pretty well with PKR and DAP. In one short month, we have a Chinese CM and Indian Deputy CM in Penang, a Malay MB in Perak who speaks Chinese, the promise to implement affirmative action based on need rather than race, the granting of titles to new villages and the assurance that places of worship for all faiths will be respected and built. So yes, PAS for its part, is doing just fine.

And here's an interesting take from RPK of Malaysiatoday in 'Running dog running scared' on why MCA is making such a fuss about PAS and the Islamic state issue. He reckons it's because the Malays who voted with the Chinese and Indians for change are now ignoring UMNO and their attempts to incite racial tensions. So, BN needs MCA to play the 'ugly Chinaman' of May 13, 1969 and these inflammatory press statements are the 'penyapu' (brooms) strapped to the front of lorries parading through Malay kampungs. Why? BN wants MCA to re-ignite Malay fears and the fires of racial conflict in order to return BN to absolute power... just like May 13, 1969.


Anonymous said...

The MCA, a sleeping dog has become a running dog and not barking like a mad dog.

If the Chinese must be stupid if they believe what OKT said.

What is the MCA stand when the Bodowi and Nazib say that Malaysia is an Islamic state? Be a sleeping and lap dog.

kl said...

MCA is pretty quiet too about that tengku whatever's spoutings ... in fact the PR is too...

Is the spoutings of that royal bred malay champion bait? Setting up whichever party that condems the statement as a target for malay supremist action?