Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Citizen M. And M is for Mahathir.

Citizen Nades is the pseudonym of R. Nadeswaran, the Deputy Editor (special reporting and investigations) at The Sun.

He's very vocal with his pen when it comes to the antics of the government and government agencies. He does a good job of avoiding the politics of it all, focusing instead on the nuts and bolts of good governance. That keeps him out of Kamunting Detention Centre, I suppose.

Here's his article in The Sun newspaper. He gripes about how Tun M is a 'normal' citizen (Citizen M), just like him - but when the Tun speaks, everybody listens. When he speaks, he is more or less ignored by the powers that be. Or if he's lucky, draw enough attention to be swatted away like an annoying fly.

I'm highlighting Citizen Nades because of the fact that he is one of the few who are not deceived by the current smokescreen created by digging up old skeletons in Tun M's closet of 22 years as PM. While giving Malaysians a great sense of satisfaction (being able to say "I told you so"), it also draws our attention away from what's truly important - ie. the present.

We should focus on the present, and what's wrong now - instead of being sidetracked by things which occurred in the past that we cannot correct. We can get revenge, yes, but we can't correct the past.

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