Saturday, July 01, 2006

Malaysian Cabinet are afraid of Khairy - says PAS Vice President

This article came out yesterday on PAS' website,

PAS Vice President, Mohamad Sabu, said that (translation by seantang):

"Malaysians are unfortunate to be governed by a cabinet of ministers, where almost all of whom have absolutely no courage to stand up to the son-in-law of the PM."

He says in no uncertain terms that Khairy is the 3rd party who is controlling the PM. And he asserts that none in the govt and UMNO dare to speak out against this situation although it endangers national security.

Mohamad Sabu goes on to congratulate Minister of Rural Development , Abdul Aziz Shamsuddin who apparently made the revelation about the said 3rd party. "Only Abdul Aziz is courageous enough to face Khairy."

He also says that only one other minister, Minister of Culture, Arts and Heritage, Rais Yatim, who found the courage to meet with Abdullah himself to convey the concerns of the Malaysians regarding Khairy.

Tun M has already stated that the Oxbridge flyboys on Putrajaya's Level 4 are already more powerful than the PM himself on Level 5.

Raja Petra Kamarudin from Malaysia has been detailing Khairy's rise to power in his series of articles entitled The Khairy Chronicles. But he is not a public figure, not politically aligned and generally does not figure in Malaysian politics. Therefore, he doesn't have to back up his online allegations in the normal political legal sense.

However, Mohd Sabu is the first mainstream politician (no less than the vice president of the largest opposition party) that has implicated Khairy directly, unambiguously and without reservation.

What ripples will result from this stone thrown into the pool of Malaysian politics remains to be seen. But I think the first son-in-law is losing his sheen of innocence. The majority of Malaysians were skeptical of Khairy's alleged influence over his father in law. They found it immensely doubtful, bordering on impossible.

But with a prominent and current PAS leader pointing the finger directly at Khairy (and this might open the floodgates for other prominent people to do the same), I think all Malaysians will have no choice but to finally entertain the notion that Khairy is the leprechaun holding the pot of gold at the end of the Mahathir vs Abdullah Badawi rainbow.

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