Wednesday, July 26, 2006

UPM prevents submission of memo on mob incident

Non-governmental organisations (NGOs), political parties as well as student groups today (July 25, 2006) failed in their attempt to submit a memorandum to Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) on the July 17 incident in campus. UPM public and international relations director Assoc Prof Dr Jambari Ali, who was present, told that only 3 members were allowed to meet them in their office. The memorandum submitters wanted 6.

When they couldn't come to an agreement, the memorandum guys left without submitting the memorandum!

????? What the hell is going on with UPM, the NGOs and these other groups of "leaders" and "opinion-makers"?

I mean, how childish can grown ups get? I say I can, you say I cannot, so I don't friend you?

UPM were simply game playing by limiting the number of people entering their office. A show of authority and control. The memorandumers were stupid to be stubborn on such a trivial thing. What's the damn difference, 3 or 6? You were here to submit a memorandum. Not have the leaders of all the groups get their pictures taken in the UPM office. Actually, you could have posted the damn memo to them and just copied the press. To leave without submitting the memo is dumb.

Meanwhile, Jambari, when asked why the media was not allowed to enter the campus to cover the event, said: "It's very difficult to allow everyone to come in. We have to be very careful as we don't want any misunderstanding to happen."

Pressed on what is the policy of the university towards the media, he said: "You all should only report good news, not always report bad news."

Damn. That last remark must be the mother of all dumb ass things to say to the media. Jambari should get a new title. UPM Public & International Relations Director and Chief Goof-Up of the Dept of Whitewashing Embarassing Incidents.

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