Saturday, July 01, 2006

Even with one eye closed, Jasin MP bites back.

Jasin MP, Mohd Said "Close One Eye" Yusof has accused the Customs Dept of impropriety when disposing of cars seized by the dept. He says that certain seized luxury cars were sold at nominal prices to people connected to the dept.

While this in itself, is not a problem, on the contrary it is good to reveal wrongdoing by govt officials, Ol' Close One Eye is far from the poster boy of incorruptibility.

His own corruption case where he is accused of asking the Customs Dept to knowingly ignore violations by companies linked to him is still pending.

And coming up now with his own accusations towards the Customs Dept smacks of revenge and trying to make life difficult for his so-called enemies within the dept.

Importantly, Close One Eye says that he has proof of the dept's wrongdoing. But he says that he will not make a report to the ACA (Anti Corruption Agency). He even went so far as to ask the press to do their own investigation.

Let me put it this way. If he has proof, do the right thing and make a report. If he doesn't, then shut the hell up and wait for his turn in court. The Custom's Dept are no angels but all he's doing is accusing them of corruption in order to draw attention away from his own corruption.

It's not a case of who's wrong. It's a case of both being wrong and I hope the ACA proves it on both counts. I think both Close One Eye and the Customs Dept should be thoroughly investigated by the ACA. Get the evidence, prosecute and put all of them in prison. Throw away the key too.

Customs Department Prevention Unit director Adnan Ariffin has described the dept's auction procedure as above board. The Star carries his article.

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