Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Cina dan India not interested in civil service, or civil service not interested in them?

There is an article in Berita Harian which quotes the PSD (Public Services Dept) chief as saying that non-Malays are not interested in working the civil service, and THAT's the reason why their numbers are so very low.

He based this reasoning on the fact that non-Malays comprise less than 5% of total applicants for positions in the civil service last year.

Well... that's quite convenient. Low number of applicants = low interest = low participation in the public sector. But that's not quite the whole story, is it? What are the real reasons for the low interest, in the first place?

If you do not address the root cause, then what you've just said is as useless as saying that hungry people are hungry because they don't eat. And they don't eat because they are not putting any food in their mouth. Yes, yes... all very logical and causal but it still doesn't tell us why these people are starving themselves.

So, what is causing the low interest in the civil service amongst non-Malays? Is it because they don't want to be in the civil service, or is it because they realise the civil service does not want them in it?

Is it low interest or high disenchantment? Here's Malaysians Unplugged Uncensored wading in with both fists swinging into this topic. And make sure you read the enlightening academic paper by Lim Hong Hai from USM's School of Social Sciences, which was referenced.

And coming from a family where both parents were civil servants from the 60s to the 90s, and having studied in a former-missionary school (ie. one of the SRJK/SMJK) for 11 years (ie. seeing the non-Malay teacher population go from 50% to 5% during that time, besides witnessing the career progression/stagnation of my teachers) - I agree with Malaysians Unplugged whole-heartedly.

But then again, since all bloggers are incapable to telling the truth as defined by Pak 'Tell me me the Truth' Lah, somebody like Merdekareview or Malaysiakini should conduct a comprehensive survey amongst non-Malay Malaysians and submit the results publicly to the PSD.


Statistik tunjuk kaum Cina dan India kurang gemar sertai sektor awam Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR: Kurang minat berkhidmat dengan kerajaan dan tidak banyak permohonan daripada kaum Cina dan India adalah antara faktor utama wujud jurang besar antara dua golongan itu dengan pegawai Melayu dalam sektor perkhidmatan awam di Malaysia.

Statistik Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam (SPA) menunjukkan hanya 1.78 peratus kaum Cina dan 2.5 peratus kaum India daripada 486,802 individu yang memohon untuk menyertai sektor awam tahun lalu.

Ketua Pengarah Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA), Tan Sri Ismail Adam, berkata situasi itu sukar diubah walau pun pihaknya dan SPA, yang bertanggungjawab dalam urusan pengambilan kakitangan awam, sentiasa berusaha mengurangkan jurang perbezaan antara kaum dalam senarai penjawat awam di semua peringkat.

Beliau menegaskan, kerajaan tidak pernah mengamalkan sikap pilih kasih atau diskriminasi dalam pengambilan kakitangan baru termasuk peringkat Pegawai Tadbir dan Diplomatik (PTD).

'Aspek utama yang diberi perhatian dalam pengambilan penjawat awam adalah merit atau kelayakan akademik, bukan kaum... SPA sentiasa mengutamakan kelayakan pemohon untuk memastikan sistem penyampaiannya bermutu dan sekali gus dapat membantu rakyat yang berurusan dengan kerajaan,' katanya kepada akhbar Berita Harian Malaysia (BHM) kelmarin.

Isu berkaitan jurang antara kaum di Malaysia ditimbulkan Barisan Bertindak Hak-Hak Hindu (Hindraf) yang mengadakan demonstrasi jalanan pada 25 November lalu atas alasan ingin memperjuangkan hak kaum India di negara itu. -- BHM.


Anonymous said...

How many times any of the gov job ads come out in any of the chinese or tamil newspaper?? Even if u apply what is ur chance getting through the interview by the racists sitting in the gov jobs. My friend is a doctor and the interview before he joined as gov job was all about why so many Indians attended in that particular interview. Any job which does not reward the worker equally for his efforts will not be appealing. IN Gov departments it as almost a non written rule that the top post must be secured for the Malays even if there are more senior or qualified non malays in the department. So its not appealing to the non malays. why work in a place where u r not going to be noticed, recognized or rewarded. Malays who read this may deny but just ask yourselves.. is there any non malay District officers,Ketua polis negeri/negara, ketua bomba, majer or general in army, guru besar sekolah kebangsaan????? So stop talkin cock that we dont apply. Its your racist policies u bastards hindering us from applying to these jobs.

sean-the-man said...

Deputy minister caught lying
The Truth | Dec 21, 07 1:14pm
Letter to Malaysiakini

I read the article published Dec 18 in The Sun, Non-bumis not keen to be diplomats, in which Deputy Foreign Minister Joseph Salang said, “The lack of non-bumiputeras in Malaysian missions has nothing to do with race quota.”

This statement is an absolute lie and the deputy minister knows it. In Mavis Puthucheary’s famous book The Politics of Administration: The Malaysian Experience and the recent Asli report Towards A More Representative And World Class Malaysian Civil Service, it is clearly stated that there is a racial quota in place since independence. This quota applies to the Perkhidmatan Tadbir dan Diplomatik (PTD) to which all Malaysian diplomats belong.

At independence, the quota was four Malays to one non-Malay. According to the Asli report, due to zealous implementation of this quota, the PTD today is 85 percent Malay. This is equivalent to six Malays to each non-Malay. So how can the deputy minister say that there is no racial quota and non-Malays are not interested in becoming diplomats? Who doesn’t want to live in a foreign city like New York or London and have all their expenses paid by the government?

Salang’s response is even more surprising given that he is an Iban from Sarawak. Last year, only one Iban was selected for the PTD. It became a big political issue in Sarawak.

When you have ministers lying with a straight face, you know that this country is in deep trouble. They think they can lie and that people are stupid enough to believe them. Unlike the rural, uneducated Ibans who voted for him, the non-Malays know the truth about the Malaysian civil service practice of apartheid.